Poker And Bad Beats

Most players never do get used to dealing with go88kaya ewallet beats, and that results in the name calling and whining that you commonly see in chat boxes whenever you play online poker.

I am not saying that you need to like it when the odds say you should win, but if you are going to play online poker, you need to be able to deal with it and also maybe re-define what exactly a bad beat is.

For example, earlier today I was playing a 90 player Sit-n-Go on Full Tilt. I was in the upper 10% of chips stacks about half way through the tourney with $11,500 in chips. In middle position, I was dealt pocket T’s.

The blinds were $320-$160, so I put in a 3x raise of $960 after the action folded around to me. I was re-raised all-in by the player on the button who only had about $1700 in chips, so not a lot more for me to call his raise. To my surprise, the Small Blind re-raised again, all-in with about $6,500 more in chips.

This seems rather strange to me, since there were two raises in front of him. In my mind, he must have a monster to make this play. Either that, or he is trying to push me off the hand. However, I have watched both these players for quite a few hands, and they both seemed to be rather loose players, playing less than premium cards like A-4, J-6 off suit, K-2 suited, etc. Normally I may have folded in this situation, but I had a big enough chip stack and enough of a read on both these guys to make the call.

The button player flipped over pocket 5’s and the Small Blind turned over pocket 7’s!

I am golden here, right?

Well, I do have the advantage, but, if you want to know the truth, even though I have both players beat, I am only going to win the hand about 66% of the time. Yes, that is good, but it is far from a sure thing. A full 1/3 of the time I will lose in this situation.

You can probably see this coming, the Flop was 5-9-J. The Turn card a 4 and the River card, you guessed it, a 7!

Not only did I lose out to the short stacked player on the Flop with his set of 5’s but the Small Blind sucked out a 7 on the River to cripple my chip stack. Was this a bad beat?

Yes it probably was to most players, but again, there was a 34% chance I would lose the hand going into it. This just happened to be one of the times that the cards didn’t go my way. I had the advantage, but it didn’t work out. No fun, but no reason to lose my temper. I lost a hand I was favored to win, but this would NOT qualify as a bad beat in my book. There were just too many possible ways for me to lose.

Hands like this and others similar to it, are ones you are going to encounter quite a bit on the net. You will find players going all in when they probably shouldn’t and even though you made the right read and the right call, you are still going to lose sometimes.